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"Handmade from the Pastures of Terryglass"

Barry and Lorraine are a young couple who met in secondary school. They are both from a farming background and have always been interested in agriculture. They decided to do Agricultural Science in UCD. Barry specified in Environmental Science while Lorraine opted for Animal and Crop Production. These courses gave them a good insight into the different aspects of farming while the work experience in third year gave them hands on experience and opened there minds to new ideas. They both graduated with an honours degree in 2010.

Barry spent some time between a dairy farm and his home farm while Lorraine worked on a Goat farm and her home farm. In 2012, Barry took over the running of his home farm. They looked at converting the dry stock and tillage farm into a dairy enterprise but too much capital was required. With Barry’s love of sheep and their experience in dairy, they decided to visit Stott’s sheep dairy farm in England in February 2012.

One month later, they purchased their breeding stock, 70 Friesland lambs, a few days old!! That autumn, they erected a new shed specifically built for their new enterprise containing a bedding area, parlour, meal store and cheese storage facilities. In March 2013, the first lambs were born and then the milking began!!  

"The flavour has a little earthiness, but also hints of sweetness, with some caramel and even pear like tones"

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