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"Handmade from the Pastures of Terryglass"

The cheese is manufactured onsite 3 times a week by Lorraine and Barry. This skill was taught to them by Marion Roeleveld from Killeen Farmhouse Cheese who use to manufacture Cais na Tire up until 2017. Lorraine also did a course in Farmhouse Cheese Production to understand the science behind the process. It takes 7 litres of sheep's milk to produce 1kg of cheese compared to 11 litres of cows or goat's milk. This is because sheep milk contains higher solids. Sheep however only produce approx. 300 litres of milk in a year compared to 5000 litres from a cow! 

"The flavour has a little earthiness, but also hints of sweetness, with some caramel and even pear like tones"

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